Ford Demonstrates C-V2X Technology in China

C-V2X technology | Lakewood, WA

Recently, at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, Ford demonstrated its advanced C-V2X technology, which stands for “cellular vehicle-to-everything technology.” This technology features “four layers” of interoperability.

While this may seem confusing, what this technology does is allows a vehicle to communicate to other vehicles, to security systems, terminals, and chipset modules. With all of this information, a vehicle can gather information from the grid to know when red lights are coming so it can adjust its speed, so the driver spends less time sitting at red lights.

“C-V2X will live up to its full potential when enough vehicles and city infrastructure take advantage of it. We are dedicated to working together with the industry and government agencies to promote the development and deployment of C-V2X in China,” said Robert Hou, vice president, information technology and mobility platforms and products, Ford China.

With this technology, Ford has plans to launch its first C-V2X-equipped vehicle in China by 2021 and launch vehicle-to-infrastructure technology within the next year with SYNC+®. These advancements make vehicles even smarter and take us another step closer to autonomous vehicles. When vehicles can communicate with other vehicles and the world around them, it can help prevent accidents and other traffic problems.

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