Ford Ranger and F-150 Off-Road Suspension Kits Available

2019 Ford Ranger | Lakewood, WA

Ford now provides off-road leveling suspension kits for the Ford Ranger and F-150, giving you even more ways to customize your truck. This satisfies consumer demand for increased personalization as well as increased capability.

Adding an off-road leveling kit to these trucks significantly increases the approach and breakover angles of the truck, allowing you to tackle steeper hills and more difficult terrain than on previous models. Ford has increased the Ranger model’s approach angle by 21 percent and the F-150 model’s by 22 percent, respectively.

Suspension leveling kits come with other advantages too, like better visibility due to increased ride height. It also translates to safer towing and gives you the ability to install larger tires for better traction on rugged routes.

Not only does this kit doesn’t raise the ride height of your Ford pickup — it also adds new FOX™ shocks, new front coilovers, and upper front mounts with polyurethane bushings for a quieter cabin with less vibration. The kits can only be installed on the 2019 Ford Ranger 4×4 and any F-150 4×4 with a model year of 2015 or newer.

The kits, which are covered by a limited warranty through Ford Performance Parts, cost about $1,500 excluding the cost of labor. You can also get them installed on your truck at any Ford dealership, including Lakewood Ford.

Give us a call here at Lakewood Ford to find out more about the kits, or to schedule a service appointment to install one on your truck.

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