Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program Underway

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program | Lakewood, WA

The 20th annual Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program kicked off this summer, giving groups from the Middle East and Africa the task of finding ways to work within the theme of “Beating Air Pollution.” Ford has been a strong proponent of environmental responsibility both in its manufacturing process and in its products, and the grant program is one of the ways it encourages a similar mindset around the globe.

“Air pollution is a complex global issue. At Ford, we continue to work tirelessly to not just lower our footprint but also to develop innovations that make a positive contribution to society,” said Randy Krieger, president, Ford Direct Markets. “Through our continued efforts in electrification and many other initiatives, we aspire to achieve zero air emissions from our facilities and support CO2 reductions consistent with the Paris Climate Accord.”

The Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Program will award-winning groups their share of $50,000 in grants to push projects into action. Past winners of the grants have gone on to measures of success in implementing their proposals in the real world, including 2018 winners Waterkeepers Iraq and the Andre Nahhas School in Lebanon.

Over the past 20 years, Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants have totaled $1.8 million in support of over 200 projects.

Ford recently launched an Electric Learning Zone website aimed at informing the public of the benefits of electrified vehicle technology. In 2018, Ford confirmed plans to deliver 16 new fully electric vehicles around the globe by 2022 as part of an $11 billion investment. Ford has recently revealed several electrified vehicles including the 2020 Escape hybrid and pug-in hybrid and the 2020 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid.

To learn more about how Ford is working to make a better world, visit Lakewood Ford.

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