Tips for Deodorizing your Truck Cab

2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew Interior | Lakewood, WA

These tips for deodorizing your truck cab will ensure that your truck smells as good as it performs.

Clutter & Trash

The first thing you must when deodorizing your truck cab is to remove the clutter and trash. While these things are not always the main cause of bad smells, they certainly don’t help. A clean cab will also simplify the rest of the deodorizing process.

Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are common factors in a smelly truck cab. Wet, muddy, and snow-covered boots can lead to liquids and bacteria which can become mold and mildew. Lubegard offers the Kool-It Evaporator and Heat Foam Cleaner products. These will easily and quickly remove the molds and mildews that are not just stinky, but often dangerous for your health.


Dakota Non-Smoke is an aerosol can which can help neutralize the old smell of tobacco smoke. Hold the can around a foot away from the fabrics in your cab and lightly spray over it all. Spray the remainder of the can into the AC unit and leave the doors and windows closed for an hour.

Contact us at Lakewood Ford for more tips on deodorizing you’re the cabin of your Ford truck. Or stop by in person to inhale the new-car scent of one of our 2019 F-150 models, to remember what a clean truck interior can smell like.    

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